Funding & Special Thanks

Financial support for The Cave Rover™ Project is provided by grant, sponsorship, donations and backing from the developer.

Special Thanks:

Grant support provided by:

Louisville Grotto Central Indiana Grotto Bloomington Indiana Grotto

Donations provided by:

Joseph Bowmer
Galen Hekhuis
Raymond Moul
Jill Ogle
Naomi Fothergill
Don Beach
Carl Tuttle
Adam Ringel
Michael Wilson
Luanne Thomas
Clyde Darrin Myers
Jacqueline Miller
Wm Shrewsbury
Debra Blessing
Andrew Coyle
Colleen Lingler
William Sannella
Meranda Caswell
Brook Brewer
Clint Bowe
BL Harmon
Jason Wright
Andreas Kouris
Jesse Lang
Heidi Ott
Salvador Lugo
Seth Gullett
Ed Kelly
Debbie Moore
Danny Chase
Speleology Speleoarcheology
Brandon Billings
Barbara Spada
Paul Economou
Brian Anthony Pfaehler
Steve Bailey
Janet Lyons Manning
Daniel Lapierre

Personal contributions by:

Matt Pelsor
Nikolous Bender Cox
Trent Gaines
Zak Waddle
Susan Carter Wilkinson
Jessica Bussert
Ged Robertson
Cassie Hauswald
Fabian Van Keulen
Erik Augustine
Zachary Kroll
Geary Schindel
Benjamin von Cramon
Max Darby
Jim Lemke
Shawn Beamish
Emilie Dumay
Curt Harler
Lee Florea
Bill Steele
Sam Frushour
Carol Dick
Chelsea Ballard
Sarah Burgess

Technology support by:

TalentCell Technology
Extreme Metal Fab Inc.
Columbus Industrial Electric
Aquanaut Program
On Rope One

Location Support by:

Brian O’Neill
Ivan & Shannon Knight
Gordon Smith
Brown County YMCA
Columbus High School East
Allie Ballard
Julie DeGiovanni
Diamond Caverns
Blue Spring Caverns
Brown County State Park
Missy Shields
Onyx Cave
Ricky Carey
Outlaw Cave
Doug Baird