Cave ROVer Update 2019-1117

The Cave ROVer Update: That moment you stop and realize you just drew your robot a bath… Who’s in charge here minions!

It appears that we are back positive buoyant, its interesting how a 25lbs ROV can be so influenced by just a few grams.
With complete aft guards we are now aft rear heavy, so will have to add more aft buoyancy to run the full guards. Still bit of tweaking to go until the unit is nice and neutral level, but coming along. Once we dial in the buoyancy will begin heading off on some adventures.

Scarey side note: When holding a ROV above a tub of water and suddenly realize the vent plugs are out, and you slip and dunk it under…. you get to spend an entire day doing a disassemble to check all electronics. Don’t do that. (Ugh)
[Update: disassembled and bone dry inside, thank goodness]

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