Some excitement at hand

The Cave Rover Project Update: Some excitement at hand! (Biggest news at the bottom, I’m evil that way ?)
* CaveRover & BrotherBot are all system updated (after a brief scare with CaveRover) and now working well on our new live broadcast media partner. They both were online for control from all over the world last evening and will be available for internet control often once more.
* Next up a major nail biter, to run the full system upgrade on BigRover, the most critical and highly developed risky system. It is running a full drive image backup now in preparation. If all goes smooth, will migrate BigRover also to the new live media partner for Big internet controlled adventures once more.
* Speaking of Big news, The Cave ROVer Project, in collaboration with BlueRobotics, is adding 360° Sonar!!! We are joining forces to showcase their latest Sonar Systems, and our latest Deep Exploration ROV, to begin digital visualization, research and Mapping caves and other truly unique submerged environments.
[There will be financial investment involved, fundraising will be critical] We are truly excited and lining up some amazing adventures to share with all of you!
* Please consider a donation to the Cave Rover Project, your help can truly propel what is possible. Fundraising focus soon moves toward components to develop our on-board water analysis system, to gather valuable data from dives, that can be utilized by university, research, geological & water surveys and more.

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