Sonar Installation

The Cave ROVer Update: In progress, that oh so joy and titillating task of disassembling the ROV. Time to install the Ping360° Sonar unit. Last evening CAD designed a center, forward-to-aft adjustable, top mount to begin testing. Future mounting option may include forward, under the main enclosure, with a tilt mechanism that would allow control from horizontal to vertical profile scanning. But to begin we will start with center top, to allow for adjusting, on the fly, from front to rear of the ROV until we find level rest position. In this configuration the sonar can be adjusted in use for the desired scan from a narrow degree field to full 360°. The larger the scan area and distance away (~50m/165′), the longer the feedback response. So if only forward, side, or bottom scanning is necessary the field of view can be reduced to speed data return.

Things I think:
*You know life has been hitting pretty hard, when you are almost out of zip ties.
*Wow, I researched, designed, fabricated and build this!…Now will someone tell me where the h*ll all these wires go!

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