Successful 500m Test!

The Cave Rover Project Update: This is one of those big deals but tough to explain, But for first time since I developed and invented the Cave Com system, today successfully tested a direct rover control to over 1,640 feet (500m) away! This is what I originally designed it for, but since it creation we had switched gears to developing it for work in emergency search/rescue, and utilized it for past year as deep cave to surface broadband communication. Due to a possible mission for rover coming up it was finally put to the original test and passed. Basically until today it had been used primarily at the interior communicating out, but only theorized it should therefore work at surface to control rover up to a mile inside and away from human reach. So today that is no longer a theory but fact, hurray. Well proofed at 0.5km (1/3 mile) anyhoo.

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