Added Protection

The Cave ROVer Update: Oh just putting a Tampon in a Robot, what did you do today? Trust me, your day, my day… different ?. Yesterday had a very enjoyable time giving a Cave Rover Project Presentation to the Central Indiana Grotto. Up early today (not a morning person) to meet with two service corps executives, now prepping the Cave ROV for a training dive Saturday with professional divers. Installed a lower Sonar firmware update, also installed an on-board GPS and additional compass. Though GPS does not work submerged, the hope is to be able to obtain positional data when operating at or surfacing. Oh and in preparation for continuing deeper dive and cold water tests, as an added precaution placed in a tampon, should the robot take on any internal leak or condensation as addition to the color indicating silica desiccant and 4 leak sensors that can autonomously go into emergency protocol. Now to reassemble, run a full diagnostic and be ready for the coming dive.

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