Dual Sonar Installed

The Cave ROVer Project: Look who has dual Sonar! Ohhh Yeahh! To join the 360° Sonar system we mounted last week, today the bottom/down scanning depth Sonar arrived and a CAD custom designed & fabricated carbon mount installed. Unfortunately that means over the next few days the ROV will have to be completely disassembled to complete internal wiring and reassembled again. Not the most fun process but worth it to get a chance to get to test these out! Now packing the ability to scan as far as 165 feet completely around the ROV under water, these sonar units are depth rated to 984 feet deep. Extremely excited to begin training on utilizing them to aid in low to no visibility navigation, investigation, inspection and mapping in conjunction, when visibility permits, the HD 3D environmental modeling.
R&D has begun on the water sensor array, water sampling system, and even more. Please consider a donation to the project as together we push into that unknown.

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