Ecstatic Report

The Cave ROVer Update: I am ecstatic to report the robot has been completely disassembled, inspected, 100% full system diagnostic/analyzed and passed! During our test dive today, a build up of internal pressure had pushed out the dome protective end cap that houses the sensitive systems, the on-board 4 sensor leak detection/absorption system successfully saved the ROV! Detecting, going into full alarm state and engaged emergency protocols that were able to get the robot to the surface just as the dome came completely off milliseconds before I was able to pull it from the water. The robot appears to have received zero damage apart from having to now replace the 4 sensor/absorbent probes. This was a beneficial fail luckily in a pool test with support divers and not during a deep lake or cave dive, that allows us to not only confirm safety systems function to expectations but I can now quickly implement a modification for prevention.
Typically after a dive in high chlorinated water, the thrusters are purified water washed, this had to be skipped to quickly access the internal components. So once reassembled some extra care will go to flush and prepare the motors prior to our next dive.
Other then not getting to all of the days intended objectives, a great day.

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