More precious then gold

The Cave Rover Project Update: More precious then gold….apparently. Up today installing the first pair of Boca Bearings into the Cave ROVer to evaluate their performance. These tiny little gems are salt water, chemical and corrosion resistant, specialty x904/Ceramic and rather pricey, but this will be one thruster down, 7 pair to go (then 4 pair for the spare thrusters). The goal is increased performance, longevity and reduce routine maintence.
Next up we trial the first custom epoxy coating on the new sediment sampler.

And just like that, moments later, new bearings pressed and thruster reinstalled. Now for a break in, spin up, to run off any manufactures residual lubricant.
Waited months to finally order, week to arrive and 4 minutes to install. Rather lack luster, I think I need more of them 🙂 So far they are smooth as butter.

Oh, don’t let me forget these are in Port Forward, I will totally forget.

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