New Facebook Fundraiser Started

The Cave Rover™ Project is seeking funding assistance to continue to expand the Deep Water Cave Exploration Robotic Unit. The Cave Rover Project is Developer & Donation funded, to create robotics and tools, for exploration, survey, and scientific data gathering in caves, search & rescue, and dangerous or sensitive environments.

Your help in funding will go toward continuing to develop tools that expand our knowledge of the unknown, for exploration and documentation. Donors will be listed within video credits & on the project website located at Your help joins us together in making this project possible.

The robotic computer controlled submersible is being developed to aid in answering decades old questions of some of the deepest cave waters in the mid-west and beyond. Filming is set to begin soon to share our journey into that unknown.

Physical work began on the uniquely designed ROV on Aug 7th 2019, after months of research & development. Over 800 hours and thousands of dollars have already gone into bring the robot into operation, and soon to bring back even greater science & research data as we explore.

Funding assistance will go toward final items such as:
* Stainless/Ceramic Bearings $350
* Payments on the Sonar360 presently on loan in collaboration with BlueRobotics $980
* Protective Carry Case $290
* Additional Lighting Pair $210
* Development of UV Lighting for Mineral Analysis, Biomat & Dye Trace Identification
* Additional Battery $84~$250
* Water Sampling Unit $~500
* Water Sensor Array $~600
* Aid in covering expenses for expanding our public appearances at Science Museums, Schools, Organizations & Youth Groups.
* Begin development on additional sensors & capabilities such as surface automation

Your support would mean the world in helping this project continue to succeed and become a beneficial tool for both exploration, science, aid in rescue and reduce risk to individuals in hazardous or dangerous elements.

Any assistance you can contribute will be greatly appreciated, together we can push the boundaries of what is possible.

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