Sediment Sampler & New Bearings

The Cave ROVer Project Update: The past few COLD Indiana days have been focused on R&D for upgrades & accessories for the Cave ROV. Working on the water analysis array & sampler designs while awaiting necessary funding for components. Designed and prototype fabrication has started (36hrs to complete) on a quick gripper attachment sediment sampler for environmental research of sediment, marine vegetation or small object retrieval with a internal volume of 333ml. Ordered up a first pair of new bearing for the thrusters, high corrosive resistant x904 stainless bearing with SI3N4 Ceramic Ball, specifically designed for submerged operation and salt water. Will be conducting tests on the new bearings prior to ordering a full set (20 in total). I believe these should do nicely for operations, will keeping a lower cost point compared to full ceramic. Another option will be looking at is a self lubricating plastic, but while operating at est 14,400rpm in some harsh environments, the Boca Salt should do nicely.

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