What a birthday..

The Cave ROVer Update: What a great birthday, thank you everyone for such warm kind words. Just basking in this Florida weather, spent the first part of the day at Florida Caverns, I have wanted to see it since I was a kid. Gorgeous cave, and wow our tour guide Joni was the Best guide we have ever seen.
Had great time hanging out at Edds place and Caving Adventures.
After 6hr tear down inspection last night, cave rover headed back into the cave today. ROVer enjoyed exploring around the blue for 30 minutes all good, headed into the entrance, again the leak sensor alarmed and emergency system brought it back home. Ran a vacuum test and let system cool, just as was about to head back in, the two divers surfaced and reported the cave had silted. So I’m calling this a great birthday, rover got its head into the cave, got to spend time with wonderful friends, and go caving in Florida. I will gladly call that a win. Didn’t quite get the visions of deep exploration this time, but had the drone in the air, cameras on (i think), and ROVer got closer to the quest for cave and did get swim among with legends.
Now it head home for a full complete disassemble, review the system logs, data, see if we can hunt that alarm and get ready for more great adventures to come this year.

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