Cave ROVer Update 2019-1124

The Cave ROVer Update: After having accidentally dropped the spool reel 5’ft onto concrete, breaking the handle arm, core and cracking the side, one advantage of the project design is to be able to assess damage, redesign and refabricate quickly. All new components strengthened and reassemble with minimal down time.
Unfortunately several months of test dives in high chlorinated water has a few of the oem bearing starting to stiffen, will be changing them out today. The goal is to replace them soon with a stainless & ceramic hybrid, but at $20 USD x16 (plus spares) that will have to await funding or possible sponsorship.

Update: Follow up after 4 motor maintenance rebuild, it actually did not appear to be the fault of the bearing, but hard water build up on the magnets, interesting, have to love county water. Quick scrub and vinegar bath and appears good for now, though bearing will need changed fairly soon. Might experiment with mini zincs as galvanic corrosion with electrical current involved metals is always an issue with marine applications.

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